Web Design & Development

Consulting, designing, developing, producing, managing, and supporting interactive online media and social media initiatives for clientele and sponsorships. 

Design, theme, modify, and implement client sites and installing, configuring, and extending various CMS systems (Drupal, WordPress, Pencilblue, Ghost, etc).

Web hosting on LAMP and MEAN stacks using cPanel/WHM and stand-alone installations. 

Roles include: Branding, SEO, site analysis, requirements gathering, usability design, information architecture, prototyping, UX/UI design, multimedia production and support, live performance, studio musician and voice talent, web development, testing, site implementation, local and regional volunteer work.

Tools: Adobe Creative Suite, Xcode, Logic Pro X, Linux, MySQL, MongoDB, Apache, NGINX, Node.js, PHP, Javascript, Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, Git, SVN, Social Media, PHPMyAdmin, cPanel, WHM

Web Design & Development
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