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Musician, songwriter, recording engineer, and producer based in southwestern New Hampshire. 
Current projects include:
"The Tara Greenblatt Band"​ folk ensemble
"End of Never"​ funk/jazz/rock project
"Thunderous Thursdays @ Lou's" live jam and live online streaming
"Homeless" A song from an old band re-recorded with Branden Steineckert of Rancid/The Used on drums.

A life-long passionate musician always seeking to connect with other "lifers" and those just starting out. Sharing the stage and sometimes the studio with musicians from No Doubt, Rancid, The Used, Reel Big Fish, and many more. Skills and tools include: studio and live audio engineering, Logic Pro, Focusrite, guitar, songwriting, livestreaming, YouTube, social media marketing, web site design and development, branding, audio design consulting, tracking, mixing, mastering, pre-production, voice-overs,  video post-production, digital audio.

Media Production
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